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Guide to Getting a Divorce in South Carolina

Those that realize they are not happily married often find it is a sad time that can be quite upsetting. Married couples often never think that they will not last on their wedding day when love is in full force and at its very best. Married couples that are not happy about their relationship do need to consider what they want to do. It is possible that you decide that you want to try and reconcile and think about getting marriage therapy as an avenue to take. Those that are having problems in their marriage and are sure it is time to end things should start seeking out a divorce. Getting a divorce is something that is typically unique to the state of residence. Those that are researching steps to get a divorce in South Carolina can find that out in this post. It is important to note that a person must reside in South Carolina for at least one year to get a no fault divorce granted. If both parties are residents of South Carolina the requirement is only three months of residency.

The one seeking divorce will need to file a complaint for divorce. If you both live in the same county you can file in that county. Couples that have moved to different counties must file in the last county where they resided as a couple in marriage. The paperwork must then be served to the other party. This will also come with a summons and a financial declaration form. A summons lets the other party know what is being filed and the actions that they will need to take to answer. A financial declaration is a declaration of financial assets given by the person filing for divorce.It must be served in person through a professional server or legal entity or mailed with certified mail.A filing party can also serve it in person as long as the other party signs a voluntary acceptance form that can be shown to the court.

The next step is to wait for the defendant to provide an answer to the legal filing. Their answer will be the filed with the courts and they must also provide a financial declaration. Things can go much smoother for both if there can be an agreement reached. Being able to reach an agreement gets rid of the disheartening prospect of fighting in court for a long period of time. A divorce agreement that is reached amicably is truly helpful for the healing process of those going through this. People that have more complex divorces may not be able to reach an agreement that they can both agree on. Complicated divorces in South Carolina will be more difficult and it is important to hire a divorce lawyer as they will be able to assist in courtroom appearances and any other legal processes.

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